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Ever wonder how businesses rank locally when performing a Google Search? I did, so I set off on a mission to uncover a consistent method to help boost a business’s local ranking. In my very first publication, Local SEO – A Roadmap To Successful Local Ranking I am going to walk you through some of the best Local SEO techniques to get a business not only discovered locally, but ranked. Whenever you perform a Google Search, Google’s algorithm takes over and provides result listings that best match the criteria according to Google’s page and domain ranking factors. For those that don’t quite understand ranking factors, let me explain. Each page and domain has a ranking value. These are typically called Page and Domain Authority. The higher the authority the higher the page will rank. Google and other search engines determine a pages rank or authority based on various search metrics including content, keywords, number of backlinks, age of the website, title, header tags, images and so on. For any given localized search, the results are usually broken out by Paid Advertising – Shown at the top and bottom of the listings Local Business listings – Business listings from Google Maps Organic Search Results – Everything else In this book, Local SEO – A Roadmap To Successful Local Ranking, I am focusing on the Local Business Listings and how anyone using my methods can boost their local presence on the web. A little bit about me. My first experience with computers was on Christmas day when I opened up a game called Pong. It was one of the first TV computer games and at the time, it was cutting edge. Fast forward a bit and my dad bought an Atari 800 computer that I somehow convinced him was better than the Apple alternative. Needless to say, I used the Atari more than he did. Fast forward a bit more and I was in college studying computer science. When I graduated my first real job was programming expert systems. That job only lasted a short while and then I became a System Analyst working on all sorts of Government Projects. In 2008 I moved to a place called Austin and really got my feet wet designing websites for clients. During that time I also became interested in all things SEO, but never really got to flex my muscles. It wasn’t until 2016 that I found myself unemployed and wondering what I should do in life. After countless resumes failed to get traction in the job market for positions I was interested in, a realization hit me that maybe I don’t need a company to work for, but rather work for myself. My wife Kathleen and our pug Olaf were very supportive of the idea. So I started a company called http://HangTenSEO.com with the goal to help clients out rank their competition. Along the way I also started writing articles on SEO best practices, which were in many ways teaching moments for me. In writing the articles I really had to understand the subjects I was writing about and how to use the techniques to get the best results.

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